Date 17A

(date is a misnomer for this)

Apparently I have to clarify this, but soliticting me for group sex isn't what I meant when I said I was advocating for greater Asian American solidarity. 

Date 16C

Once a boy asked me what I was thinking while we were on a date and I just completely blanked. For some reason I totally forgot how to say "I have a song stuck in my head."

So instead, like a genuine psychopath, I said "I'm just listening to the music playing in my mind."

Anyways it's always a surprise to me that I'm still single.

Date 16B

I recently sketched one of my law schools friends just for fun/as an act of kindness and his first reaction was “wow isn’t it crazy that I could sue you for this”

I don’t even have to truly be in love with a boy for him to disappoint me.

Date 1C

A dude I used to see recently contacted me asking if I did freelance work. And honestly I wanted to be like “no, leave me alone, I don’t want you to pay me to be sad.”

But then I remembered I’m sad for free so anyways yes I’ll be making some extra money next week.

Date 16A

I'll finally be able to break free from this self-imposed hell of a blog when "but, you're not ugly."  is no longer the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.