Summer 2018 Research: Philadelphia 

During the months of June and July I will be conducting two qualitative research projects within the city of Philadelphia. One focuses on Black masculinity and environmentalism and the other is about young women, fashion and sustainability.  If you're interested in participating in a study, please read the descriptions below and contact me.

Thank you so much!



Project I: Black Masculinity & Environmentalism

Requirements: African-American man ages 18-75 who identifies as growing up or having lived in Philadelphia for an extended period of time.

This study consists of a 45-minute interview. 

Project II: Sustainability & Fashion

Requirements: 18-21 year old woman available to meet in person.

This study includes creating a collage (materials provided) and a 30 minute interview.



About the Researcher:

My name is Elaine Almeida and I am a Master's Student at the University of Texas at Austin, with both my undergraduate and current degree in Advertising. During my Bachelor's my studies orbited around brand storytelling with emphasis on sustainability and gender. Now, I take it one step further and study how individuals make sense of their identity through consumer and popular culture. My love for storytelling (and talking,) has extended into a focus on qualitative methods and a minor in Educational Psychology. For my whole resume, explore my About page. 

When I'm not researching, I'm posting other passion projects on this site. Stick around. 


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Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA